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Wine and Food

A Baden wine can make your special meal a perfect meal. However, as you know, there is no accounting for taste – this is also true when you choose the wine matching to the meal. So you should not consider our recommendations as sure formula but rather as a guide through the various combinations of food and wine. No matter what wine you choose in the end, wine from the sun-spoilt region of Baden is always the best choice.

Besides particular wine recommendations, Baden’s star cooks, gourmets and vintners allow themselves to seduce you with delightful recipes. From sophisticated starters via fine meals with fish, meat and asparagus, up to extraordinary desserts: Simply choose one of the terms below and let yourself enthuse by our master chef’s creativity. Cheers, and enjoy your meal, with best regards form your Baden vintners!

Käse Rotwein

Cheese and Wine – the culmination of delight

When hustle and bustle is relieved by a soothing silence, when people are joining to spend an atmospheric evening together, this is often accompanied by a glass of wine. In particularly delightful moments, the wine is enjoyed together with cheese. Cheese is available in an endless number of variations, from almost fluid to crumbly hard, mild or hearty, long ripened or very young, with mold, smoked, out of cow milk, sheep milk, or goat milk.

A cheese contains a similar number of aromas like wine; combined the right way, they can trigger veritable taste explosions. But if you want to combine the right cheese and wine, you have to know what makes a cheese a good cheese, in what form it is enjoyed best, and – last but not least: what wine matches with what cheese? Among the delightful wines from Baden, there are certainly some fine drops which perfectly match with your favorite cheese. Honor your palate with a gourmet’s supreme discipline and look forward to tips and tasty inspirations that have been tried out by experts.

Nudeln Spargel Weißwein

Wine and asparagus

As soon as the royal vegetable is in season, between the middle of April to June 24 (Saint John the Baptist’s day) connoisseurs and gourmets once again experience especially delightful weeks. Traditionally, wine is the unmistakable accompaniment for this fine culinary delight – preferably when it comes from Baden:

Our sun-spoilt wines will seduce you with fruitiness, freshness, and variety. In case the asparagus is also grown in the blessed soils of Baden, you can literally taste the joie de vivre and harmony.

Lachs grüner Spargel