In Baden, history and culture won’t be served in a barren manner but delightful and stylish. Numerous fortress ruins, castles, and churches will infuse you with reverent marvel and will make you immerse into bygone times during a guided tour. You can, for instance, explore Bronnbach cloister, which was lovely changed into a wine shop. Today, the former cellarium from the 12th century is harboring fines wines from over 21 vintners and invites you to participate in a historic wine tasting. At the beginning of each year, the whole of Baden is filled with colorful hustle and bustle during carnival, and many processions worth seeing are snaking through the streets.

From age-old pagan customs has developed over the centuries an eerily beautiful event, the peak of which is the “Schmotzige Dunschtig” (literally “Dirty Thursday”, Thursday before Ash Wednesday). For those willing to taste culinary specialties like hearty soups, fish, and carnival Küchle (fried pastry) are prepared especially during this event. Whoever is looking for leisure fun for the whole family, Germany’s biggest and best-known leisure park is the right thing. On an area of 95 hectares, the Europa-Park Rust offers 13 European theme areas with spectacular fairground rides, elaborate shows, and very special overnight accomodations.

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