Region Kraichgau

The hilly countryside of the Kraichgau region, between the towns of Bruchsal and Wiesloch, brightens one’s mind by its fields, mixed woodland, vineyards, and wide valleys, which are smoothly alternating.

This sympathetic cheerfulness is reflected by the delightful wines of the region. No matter if you prefer fine classy growths or a glass of wine that goes down well – the numerous taverns of the Burgschänken and Besenwirtschaften (châteaux, or estates, respectively, selling their own wine) are welcoming you. Combined with baroque good cheer or honest peasant cooking the culinary delight is perfect.

The soils of the vineyards in the Kraichgau are composed out of keuper, shell limestone, and colored sandstone. The loess top soil, which is characteristic for Baden’s geology and which makes the soil store heat, is visible on many spots. Due to these preconditions extremely favorable for viticulture, the white Auxerrois sort of grape feels particularly well there.

This Pinot blanc variety stands for expressive flavors and soft and creamy mellifluousness. The wines offer a dense taste and spicy freshness, completed by a soft fullnes and impressing mineral tones in the mouth. Even though Auxerrois does not cover as big a portion of the total wine growing area as Riesling or Pinot noir, it is a typical specialty of the region and has been known for many centuries far beyond Baden’s boundaries as “classy accompaniment for any meal”. We have compiled detailed information about the terroir of the Kraichgau wine growing region in our “experts’ knowledge”. Or are you searching a certain Kraichgau vintner? You will certainly find him in our “vintners’ search”.

Region Kraichgau

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