Region Ortenau

The Ortenau fascinates by a unique triad of countrysides: dainty wine-planted slopes in the middle, fertile meadows on the banks of the Rhine on one side, and the romantic mountains of the Black Forest on the other side.

The region extends about 60 kilometers from Baden-Baden along the Black Forest hills to Offenburg, which makes it Germany’s most southern Riesling region. Besides this elegant vine, which is here also known as “Klingelberger”, the Ortenau achieves to convince above all with mellifluous and abundant Pinots. Most of the vineyards are located in steep valleys of creeks or rivers, so they are protected from cold winds; the total wine growing area extends over 2,700 hectares.

The mild climate and 1,700 sunshine hours per year make the Ortenau a golden wine countryside. The character of the Riesling originates from the vineyard: The weathered granite and gneis soils, which partially contain portions of porphyr and quartzite, give the wine noticeable mineral tones, a slim structure, transparent flavors, and a vivid freshness. Pinot noir often can be found at lower altitudes with rich soils and a relatively high portion of sand. It is characterized by a complexe puzzle out of cool fruit, smokey nuances, velvety tannins, dark berries, and full extracts. None of Germany’s growing areas has been honored with as many awards, nationwide and at international level, as the Ortenau.

The traditional structure of the sorts, the quality, and the exclusiveness will impress you. We have compiled detailed information about the terroir of the Ortenau wine growing region in our “experts’ knowledge”. Or are you searching a certain vintner from the Ortenau? You will certainly find him in our “vintners’ search”.

Region Ortenau

Betschgräblerplatz, 77815 Bühl
Telefon: 07223/9898

Talstrasse 2, 77877 Sasbachwalden
Telefon: 07841/2029-0

Mauerbergstrasse 32, 76534 Baden-Baden
Telefon: 07223/9687-0

Nachtweide 2, 7770 Durbach
Telefon: 0781/93660

Renchener Strasse 42, 77704 Oberkirch
Telefon: 07802/9258-0

Stauferstr. 10, 77972 Mahlberg
Telefon: 07825/7582

Lautenbach 2, 77770 Durbach
Telefon: 0781/42458

Heimbach 12, 77770 Durbach
Telefon: 0781/41486

Steinebach 24, 77876 Kappelrodeck
Telefon: 07842/996999

Burgunderplatz 3, 77876 Kappelrodeck
Telefon: 07842/9967500

Kirchstr. 4, 77871 Renchen-Erlach
Telefon: 07843/654

Weinstr. 87, 77654 Offenburg-Rammersweier
Telefon: 0781/31424

Burgunderplatz 1, 77876 Kappelrodeck
Telefon: 07842/99380

Hespengrund 11, 77770 Durbach
Telefon: 0781/41165

Talstrasse 30, 77704 Oberkirch-Ringelbach
Telefon: 07802/980868

Schloss Staufenberg, 77770 Durbach
Telefon: 0781/93 22 79 55

Gaisbach 29, 77704 Oberkirch
Telefon: 07802/2387

Schloss Eberstein 1, 76593 Gernsbach
Telefon: 07224/657071

Am St. Andreas, 77799 Ortenberg
Telefon: 0781/93430

Grol 8, 77770 Durbach
Telefon: 0781/42362

Weinstr. 37, 77876 Kappelrodeck-Waldulm
Telefon: 07842/94890

Weierbächle 1, 77654 Offenburg
Telefon: 0160 / 96863544

Am Winzerkeller 2, 77723 77723 Gengenbach
Telefon: 07803 / 9658-0

Niederlehen 9, 77704 Oberkirch
Telefon: 07802 / 6262

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