Region Tauberfranken

Even in Baden’s most northern wine growing region the sun does not play hide and seek: Although from the climatic point of view Tauberfranken is rather one of the cooler regions, it has more sunshine hours than most of the other wine growing areas in Germany.

Until 1992, the wine growing region was called “Badisches Frankenland” (literally: Baden Franconia); its new name comes from the Tauber river, which meanders idyllically through the countryside. Only the best south and south-west slopes are planted with vines. As a rule, the upper and the lower parts of the slopes remain free in order to spare the vines from cool winds in winter. The predominating sorts of grape grown in Tauberfranken are Pinot meunier and Müller-Thurgau.

Tauberfranken Pinot meunier is wonderfully fruity and promises flavoring red wines full of spicy berries, dense silky presence and velvety spiciness in flavor and taste. As Müller-Thurgau ripens fast, it is able to use the short growing period optimally for a good ripening of the grapes. The moderately warm climate and the stony, mostly chalky soils form a wine of particularly elegant stature. The wine delightfully reflects the character of this cosy wine countryside, the chalky minerals of which can be noticed best in the white wines. The typical and traditional bottle shape for Tauberfranken wines is the Bocksbeutel. The origin of the unusual name has not been definitely identified yet.

However, it is assumed the name to originate from the “Bugsbeutel” that monks used to carry with themselves every time they walked through the vineyard. We have compiled detailed information about the terroir of the Tauberfranken wine growing region in our “experts’ knowledge”. Or are you searching a certain Tauberfranken vintner? You will certainly find him in our “vintners’ search”.

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