Region Tuniberg

You wish to spend a delightful vacation on an island with Mediterranean climate and sun-spoilt nature?

Then you should visit the Tuniberg! The Tuniberg mountain range, 120 meter in height and 10 kilometers in length, soars like an island south-east of the Kaiserstuhl. The image of the region is characterized by vineyards extending on slopes decorated by roses, picturesque villages, and idyllic gardens, as well as on the teraces typical for viticulture, which cover the whole mountain. The geological substructure of the Tuniberg, which developed during the Jurassic geological era, consists of limestone and has been covered by a thick loess cover in the course of the centuries.

Due to the soils’ good ventilation and their ability to store heat, the Pinot noir vine is the most important sort of grape here. It covers over 60% percent of the wine growing area – no other wine growing area in Baden has so large an area cultivated with this sort of grape. Pinot noir is followed by Müller-Thurgau, followed by the Pinot blanc sorts. The most precious Pinots are not only characterized by a powerful and full-bodied constitution but they also offer a dense, compact, and cool taste experience.

We have compiled detailed information about the terroir of the Tuniberg wine growing region in our “experts’ knowledge”. Or are you searching a certain vintner from the Tuniberg? You will certainly find him in our “vintners’ search”.

Region Tuniberg

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