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Germany’s Pinot paradise

The sun-spoilt wine country of Baden is the third largest wine growing region in Germany. More than half of the 15,500 hectares cultivated with vines is planted with Pinot sorts. The excellent soils and the Mediterranean climate offer optimal growing conditions for this demanding vine, so Baden has rightly got the nick name “Pinot paradise”. Meanwhile, Baden is one of the most important Pinot noir regions in the world.

The Müller-Thurgau, Pinot gris and Pinot blanc, Riesling, and Chasselas are at home here, too. In addition, some exclusive grape varieties, which yield a limited production of particularly unmistakable wines can be found in this picturesque region. Examples for the high quality competence of the vintners are Pinot meunier for Tauberfranken, Riesling in the Ortenau region, and Auxerrois in the Kraichgau region.

Grape varieties

13 Grape varieties found:


Light and aromatic.

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Exciting new variety.

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Pinot Meunier

Delicate temptation.

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Light and aromatic.

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Fresh and sophisticated

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Sauvignon Blanc

Crisp and fruity

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International and rich.

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Mild and versatile.

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A Baden speciality.

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Pinot Blanc

Fresh and subtle.

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King of the white grape varieties.

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Pinot Noir

First class wines.

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Pinot Gris

Refined and rich.

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