Region Breisgau

Purchase a cuckoo clock, which is typical for the Black Forest region – otherwise you won’t believe that your time in the Breisgau region is passing so fast.

The idyllic wine growing region extends between Lahr and Freiburg and is ranked among the most appreciated destinations in Germany. The Europa Park Rust, Germany’s biggest amusement park, as well as Lahr and Ettenheim, two small wine towns, and the Glottertal, which is spoilt by the climate, and where you can experience charming Black Forest idyll first-hand, are especially famous places.

On a total area of just over 1,600 hectares the Breisgau wines are growing on the sunny slopes of the Black Forest foothills and in the wind-protected hollows of the valleys. On single steep slopes, the vineyards, where sorts of grape such as Pinot noir, Müller-Thurgau, Pinot gris, and Pinot blanc are grown, extend to just under 500 m above sea-level. The geological substructure of the slopes is formed out of rock such as shell limestone, colored sandstone, and tertiary marl, which on some spots are visible on the surface.

In general, the wines are benefiting from the heavy, deep loess claystone soils, which give the wines much power and their characteristic explosive aromas. We have compiled detailed information about the terroir of the Breisgau wine growing region in our “experts’ knowledge”. Or are you searching a certain vintner from the Breisgau? You will certainly find him in our “vintners’ search”.

Weinregion Breisgau

Hauptstraße 48, 77955 Ettenheim
Telefon: 07822/1282

Merzhauser Str. 119, 79100 Freiburg
Telefon: 0761 / 40165 4320

Waldstr. 6, 77971 Kippenheim-Schmieheim
Telefon: 07825/7411

Alte Dorfstr. 32, 79183 Waldkirch
Telefon: 07681/7574

Im Offental 1, 77955 Ettenheim
Telefon: 07822/8948-0

Heimbacher Weg 19 , 79364 Malterdingen
Telefon: 07644/1200

Hochburg 7, 79312 Emmendingen
Telefon: 07641/47737

Im Brühl 1, 79211 Denzlingen
Telefon: 07666/5253

Weinstraße 4, 79336 Herbolzheim
Telefon: 07643/9141412

Dragonerstr. 14, 79336 Herbolzheim-Broggingen
Telefon: 07643/4482

Burgunderweg 1, 79183 Waldkirch-Buchholz
Telefon: 07681/24646

Winzerstr. 2, 79286 Glottertal
Telefon: 07684/91091

Friedrichstr. 10 A, 79336 Herbolzheim
Telefon: 07643/934822

Meisenweg 9, 79341 Kenzingen
Telefon: 07644/7227

Querstr. 6, 77971 Kippenheim
Telefon: 07825/864253

Klingelgasse 10, 79331 Teningen-Köndringen
Telefon: 07641/957633

Im Wolfsgarten 1 , 77933 Lahr
Telefon: 07821/54386

Hauptstr. 113 , 79364 Malterdingen
Telefon: 07644/913508

Obere Str. 4 , 77955 Ettenheim-Münchweier
Telefon: 07822/5404

Dorfstraße 23, 79312 Emmendingen
Telefon: 07641/935450

Rebenhofweg 15 , 79341 Kreuzingen-Nordweil
Telefon: 07644/4405

Kirchstraße 6 , 77948 Friesenheim
Telefon: 07808/2172

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